Probu Dedleewun

Designed to

  • Deliver vocational activities that can be linked to future career pathways
  • Build resilience and confidence through on-country experiences
  • Raise literacy and numeracy skills 
  • Ensure wrap around services are provided for participants and their families
  • Fully insured, no program fees
  • To attend, participants at school must present a letter from their educational institution.

WHO Age 15 – 18

WHAT Participants build their own electric scooter and participate in on-country camps.

WHEN Concluded Term 3, 2023. An 8 week program during school terms, 3 days per week.

WHERE 41 Blackman Street, Broome, Western Australia, 6725


In 2023, Probu Dedleewun ran during Terms 2 and 3, offering a comprehensive 8-week vocational education program specifically designed for young individuals aged 15-18. Our mission was to equip participants with pivotal employability skills, boost well-being, impart invaluable life skills, and foster confidence and resilience.

At the core of Probu Dedleewun was an educational journey allowing young people to delve into the realms of engineering and manufacturing. A highlight for many was the opportunity to construct their very own electric scooters, a testament to their hard work and dedication, which they took home with pride.

The program was multifaceted, covering a spectrum of essential training and experiences. Participants had the opportunity to earn First Aid and White Card qualifications, gearing them up with skills for their future endeavors. Additionally, they were exposed to on-country camp experiences that nurtured personal growth and a connection to Country.

Probu Dedleewun provided all-round support from a team of qualified teachers, Apprentice Master, and devoted youth workers. This dedicated team rendered pastoral care tailored to our participants’ needs, guiding and aiding them every step of the way.

Probu Dedleewun was more than just a program; it was a meld of vocational education, on-country bonding, personal growth, and tangible engineering experiences.

We proudly concluded our term and look forward to what the future holds. 

For more information contact: M: 0482 163 667 or E:

Probu Dedleewun

Australian Government

Probu Dedleewun is funded by the Australian Government.


We acknowledge the Darkinjung and Pangerang (Bangerang) people and pay our respect to Elders past and present on whose land we have made our home and reap the opportunities. We look to the future with hope as we walk side by side with our First Nations people in the spirit of reconciliation and truth telling.

Tuggerah, NSW

Ph: (02) 4304 3031
14/1 Bounty Close, Tuggerah NSW 2259
Monday to Friday, 8am - 4.30pm

Wangaratta, VIC

Ph: (03) 5737 4257
16 Osboldstone Rd, Wangaratta VIC 3677
Monday to Friday, 7am - 5pm

Broome, WA

Ph: 0428 995 955
41 Blackman St, Broome WA 6725

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