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    Sparks, Scooters, and Stylish Snips

    Nestled in the heart of Blackman Street, Broome, is our one-of-a-kind workshop, where sparks fly in more ways than one! At Skill Engineer Ltd. participants master the art of welding by day, and craft electric scooters. But that’s not all…

    Stop by and you might notice the scent of hair products! Thanks to our Youth Lead, Patu, we’ve added a trendy twist – a barber project right on site! Imagine fine-tuning your welding skills and then getting a fresh trim during your break. A snazzy haircut isn’t just about looking sharp; it uplifts spirits, boosts confidence, and plays a role in holistic mental health.

    And the innovation doesn’t stop! Our dynamic duo, Patu and Jack, are spearheading an exciting project…They’re turning a caravan into a full-blown barber shop! This isn’t just a space for haircuts; it’s a hands-on project for our participants to refurbish, ensuring they gain versatile skills. Drop by Blackman Street for the perfect blend of skills development and self care.

    Digi Van – Unleashing Youth Voices on the Central Coast

    Digi Van

    Image: The Skill Engineer Ltd. team with the versatile Digi Van, a multi-functional media vehicle set to hit the road in July 2023.

    Digi Van – Unleashing Youth Voices on the Central Coast

    The Skill Engineer Ltd is proud to announce the upcoming launch of Digi Van, an innovative initiative aimed at empowering young people to create digital content that reflects their voices and community narratives. The official launch event will take place on the 26th of July at The Skillion in Terrigal, starting at 1:00 PM.

    The Digi Van project, funded by the NSW Government Regional Youth Investment Program, will guide participants towards creative digital pathways and future employment opportunities.

    The Digi Van will visit various locations such as youth centers, community centers, and high schools. Its aim is to connect directly with the youth, engaging them in the world of multimedia.

    As these young creators share their unique perspectives and stories, their podcasts and multimedia productions will be aired through The Skill Engineer Ltd.’s expansive platforms, reaching a wide audience and showcasing the diverse voices and talents of Central Coast youth.

    Maggie MacFie, Chief Executive Officer of Skill Engineer Ltd., emphasized the pivotal role played by multimedia in shaping youth’s self-perception and their engagement within the broader community.

    “It allows them to interpret the world, its values, and ideas, fostering a greater sense of understanding and active participation. Media is an essential component of modern culture, entertainment, and societal transformation.”

    The Digi Van, ahead of its official launch, made a special appearance at the 2023 Central Coast Community NAIDOC Celebrations. Teens utilised the van and worked with The Skill Engineer Ltd.’s MobPod team to capture the wisdom and stories of elders for the ‘For Our Elders’ initiative.

    In close collaboration with the community, the Digi Van endeavors to not only showcase exceptional local talent but also foster resilience, champion meaningful change, and, above all, serve as a dynamic and vibrant outlet for joy and creativity.

    For further details regarding the official launch, please reach out to Sharon Aldrick at 0493 022 106 to discover more about this exciting event.

    Maggie MacFie
    Chief Executive Officer
    The Skill Engineer
    Phone: (02) 4304 3031
    Address: 350 Mann St, North Gosford NSW 2250

    For media enquiries, please contact Charlotte Dickie on tel or

    About The Skill Engineer Ltd:

    The Skill Engineer Ltd is a leading organisation working to advance vocational educational opportunities for marginalized and disengaged young people. With a focus on economic, social, and civic inclusion, The Skill Engineer Ltd strives to empower disadvantaged Australians and provide them with the necessary skills and support for a brighter future.

    The Mob Pod: First Nations Youth Voice Podcast Empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students to Amplify their Voices

    The Mob Pod

    Image: The Mob Pod recording at the MAAD studios in Gosford.

    The Mob Pod: First Nations Youth Voice Podcast Empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students to Amplify their Voices

    Central Coast, 30-05-2023  – The Mob Pod, a groundbreaking initiative, is set to provide First Nations young people in high schools across the Central Coast with a platform to express their thoughts, opinions, and voices on contemporary issues and personal interests through an engaging podcast format.

    The program, taking place during Term 2, 3 & 4, 2023, aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to learn, research, develop, record, and deliver captivating podcast episodes.

    The Mob Pod program offers an exciting opportunity for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to delve into a variety of topics and engage with influential individuals who can help shape their perspectives. Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to interview state and federal politicians, Central Coast elders, young emerging Aboriginal leaders, and influential sports personalities.

    Peppa Griffioen, the Program Facilitator, affirms, “These First Nations kids display incredible talent and intelligence, and it’s so important for this deadly bunch of students to raise their voices through podcasting, on a platform that holds such significance.”

    Denise Markham, the Program Coordinator, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “The young people involved in The Mob Pod are eager to explore and discuss a wide range of subjects. From the upcoming referendum to school policies, and education, they have an abundance of topics they are excited to share with their peers and the wider community.”

    By engaging in insightful conversations and thought-provoking discussions, these young podcasters will contribute to the ongoing dialogue on issues relevant to their community and help raise awareness about matters that affect their lives directly.

    The program’s comprehensive approach encourages students to undertake extensive research, develop critical thinking skills, and refine their communication abilities. Through collaboration with local high schools, The Mob Pod ensures that young voices from the Central Coast are heard and respected.

    The Mob Pod invites media professionals, educators, and community members to support this innovative initiative by listening to the podcasts and sharing them with their networks. By amplifying the voices of First Nations youth, we can collectively create a more inclusive and equitable society.

    For more information on The Mob Pod and to access the podcast episodes, please visit or contact Denise Markham via M: 0482 163 665 or E: or Peppa Griffioen-Smith via M: 0493 027 989 or E:

    About The Mob Pod:
    The Mob Pod is a program designed to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in high schools across the Central Coast. By providing a platform for their voices to be heard, The Mob Pod aims to foster dialogue, raise awareness, and contribute to positive change. The program runs during Term 2, 3 & 4, 2023, and offers students the opportunity to engage with influential individuals and discuss a variety of topics through podcast episodes.

    Media Contact:
    Charlotte Dickie
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    We acknowledge the Darkinjung and Pangerang (Bangerang) people and pay our respect to Elders past and present on whose land we have made our home and reap the opportunities. We look to the future with hope as we walk side by side with our First Nations people in the spirit of reconciliation and truth telling.

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