Skill Engineer Ltd. Seeks Host Employers to Supercharge Future Talent

Central Coast, 1 Mar 2024 — Work placement is not just an educational requirement; it’s a vital stepping stone for students like Emma Fortune, a driven Year 12 student from St Joseph’s Catholic College, East Gosford.

Emma’s recent work placement at the Skill Engineer Ltd. highlights the role of industry partnerships in preparing the workforce of tomorrow. Balancing her academic pursuits with a part-time role in Hospitality, Emma’s dedication to her future career in business shines through.

“Skill Engineer Ltd. provided a nurturing learning environment,” Emma reflects. “The hands-on experience and supportive team equipped me with valuable skills that I can carry forward into my future endeavors after school.”

Skill Engineer Ltd., a leader in providing work placement opportunities for high school students, is on a mission to bridge the gap between education and industry. With a focus on fields like IT and business administration, the organisation is actively seeking host employers to join their initiative.

“Hosting a student not only enriches their learning journey but also serves as a valuable resource for businesses” explains Maggie MacFie, CEO of Skill Engineer Ltd. “We’re calling on businesses across Central Coast and Northern Sydney regions to partner with us to provide students with practical experiences and advice that will benefit them in their future careers in the industry.”

VET courses, spanning diverse sectors including IT, business services, electrotechnology, allied health, and construction, mandate work placements to equip students with industry-relevant skills and work ethics. Skill Engineer Ltd. facilitates thousands of placements annually, providing students with hands-on experiences that complement their classroom learning.

“Business services and IT students possess a diverse range of skills that can add value to any workplace,” notes Ms. MacFie. “From managing administrative tasks to tackling IT-related challenges, these students bring enthusiasm and capability to the table.”

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, particularly with the shift to remote work in many industries, Skill Engineer Ltd. remains committed to providing valuable on-the-job training.

“We encourage businesses with the capacity to host a student to step forward and shape the future workforce,” urges Skill Engineer Ltd. “Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these aspiring young professionals.”

For businesses interested in becoming host employers, please contact Hayley Leclere at Skill Engineer Ltd. via phone at 02 4304 3031 or email at

For media inquiries, please contact Charlotte Dickie on 0432 806 041 or