Probu Dedleewun

Image: Probu Dedleewun participants in the Broome workshop.

More than a dozen Kimberley teenagers who have dropped out of school or who have been struggling with school attendance are getting second chance to hone the skills they need the succeed in the workforce. They’re learning some practical skills and they’ll have something practical to take home at the end. In fact they might even be able to ride home on it. I headed into the workshop this week to see exactly what they’re getting up to and why it could help to prepare these young people for the future.

They’re part of a program called Probu Dedleewun, part of a free Federally funded initiative to engage young people who become disengaged at school. An 8 week program is currently running in Broome, 3 days a week at employment organisation The Skill Engineer which will see the teenagers build up their skills and also build their own electric scooters to keep.

Listen to the ABC Kimberley’s morning program (approx 6 minutes in) to hear their interview with The Skill Engineer Ltd’s Probu Dedleewun team and participants.